Why You Should Join a Local Book Club

November 19, 2019

Group of friends at a book club discussing a book they have read.

First things first, let’s clearly define what a book club is. Book clubs are small meetings of people of any age or gender that share an interest and love for reading. Members of these book clubs typically read the same book at similar paces. At meetings, these members will express their particular thoughts and opinions on certain themes, occurrences, characters, or chapters within the book. Book club meetings are typically hosted by a member of the club, and the meetings sometimes rotate between each book club member’s home. Now, grab your cup of coffee and enjoy a warm scone while we tell you the awesome benefits of being part of a book club in your community.

It gives you the motivation to finish the book.

It’s easy to let life get in the way of “extra” and fun hobbies, like reading. When you are held accountable by a group of people, you have more of a drive to read and finish the book. Therefore, reading in a book club helps you remain focused on a book, so you get all of the benefits of reading such as destressing, bettering your reading and writing skills, and revamping your imagination. 

It improves your teamwork skills.

Being part of a book club can help you work better in team settings. During meetings, you listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions about portions of the book. Whether or not you agree with what they have to say, you still have respect for them and appreciate all the diverse perspectives. 

It gives you a group of friends in your community.

Feeling included and involved in something has a large impact on people - the same goes for not feeling included. You will most likely find something you have in common with every member of the book club you join - for starters, you all like the same book! This opens the door to new friends, career connections, and more community engagement opportunities.

You get more out of the book.

When taking your thoughts and interpretations of what you read to a group of people, you give them a different perspective. Therefore, you make them think deeper and analyze the text more… They do the same for you. It is easy to catch yourself not fully grasping or interpreting what you are reading, so book clubs give you a great outlet to bring any questions and opinions you may have.

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