Why Reading Outside is Extremely Beneficial

July 21, 2020

Person sitting outside reading a book.

Reading is like cardio for your brain. It makes it healthier and more energetic. Reading outside makes the practice of reading even better for you than reading inside. Reading by itself has a ton of benefits, such as enhancing your vocabulary, developing your mind, boosting your memory, and lowering your stress. During the summertime, it is an excellent opportunity to get your reading time in under the sun. With extended sunshine during the day and more opportunities to be outdoors, summer is the perfect time to read your books outside. Here are a few benefits of why reading outside is hugely beneficial.

Lots of Vitamin D 

When you are exposed to the sunshine, your body produces a lot of vitamin D. The benefits of vitamin D include promoting healthy bones and teeth, supporting immune, brain, and nervous system health, and supports lung function and cardiovascular health.

Quality Time with Nature

Reading outside can help you ground with nature. Grounding with nature refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons. Grounding with nature has been shown to stimulate more significant activity in areas of the brain responsible for building empathy, love, and transparent decision-making. 

Natural Light

Reading with natural light can increase your concentration and focus. Natural lighting has been proven to boost your mental function and memory recall, which will make your brain more energetic and healthier.

Help Your Sleep Schedule

Sunshine regulates your internal clock so you can enjoy improved sleep after reading in the sunshine. The more rest you get, the more energy you have for the next day. Getting a good night of sleep and having a regular sleep schedule gives benefits to all aspects of life.

At BookCase.Club, we love to read, and during the summer, we like to read outside. At the beach, a local park, or even in your backyard, grab your favorite book (and some SPF) and get some of your reading while gaining all of the health benefits of reading outside. Sign up for our monthly subscription service to receive two books within your favorite genre mailed right to your door every month for only $9.99! Head over to our website for more information and join our book club!