Why Developing Healthy Reading Habits Is So Important for Kids

June 08, 2021

Two small boys reading together at a table at school.

There are many factors that contribute to kids growing up smart, well-rounded, and happy. There’s no doubt that reading is one of the most essential skills children learn that will help them succeed later in life. Not only does reading contribute to strong academic performance, it fosters other vital life skills that promote positive habits later on in life. As a parent, teacher, or guardian, there are many steps you can take to encourage your child to make reading a routine habit, setting them up for success. 

Research has shown a clear link between reading and children’s successes. Children who make reading a routine have more extensive vocabularies and stronger literacy skills. On top of academic benefits, it’s been shown that when children perform better in the classroom, they feel more confident in themselves, overall. Promoting strong reading habits with your child is a great way to boost skills and contribute to positive self-esteem at a young age. Another study found a potential link between children reading at a young age and healthy social interactions later in life; reading helps encourage strong relationships as a result. 

While some children may be natural readers, it’s not always easy to encourage children to want to read. However, there are a few ways that you can help develop healthy reading habits with your child. First, start by making reading a nightly habit that you can incorporate into their bedtime routine. Help your child discover books they love by exposing them to a variety of different genres and book types. You can also reward your child for reading so that they get excited about diving into a book every day. 

Promoting strong reading habits starts with making sure that your child has access to books that they want to read. Another easy way to make reading fun is through a book subscription service such as BookCase.Club. When you sign up for one of our BookCase Kids boxes, your child will receive 3 books sent right to their doorstep for only $12.99 per month. This is a great way to make kids look forward to reading and they’ll be thrilled to receive new books to explore each month. Visit our website to learn more about our service and sign up today!