Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Bookworms

February 14, 2020

A couple sitting next to each other on a date reading books as the woman looks at the man.

For the readers in love, there are some super creative Valentine’s Day dates ideas for you to enjoy with your partner. Avoid the stereotypical Valentine dates and take your fellow bookworm on a literary adventure!!

See a movie based on a popular book.

Take your date to the movies to see one based on a book that you both have read. We all know these movies are either a hit or miss, so spend the rest of your evening talking about your opinions on the movie adaptation over your favorite drinks. Not much to talk about? No worries. Just begin another literary Valentine’s adventure. 

Go to a literary event together.

Search online for any book signings happening in your area. You might just get lucky! Stay and listen to what the author has to say, and introduce yourselves after. If there isn’t a signing happening, take your date to a poetry open mic night. These can be funny or awesome - either way, they make for a super fun date night! 

Plan a book-themed dinner.

Whether you share a favorite book or not, you can plan a super fun book or story themed dinner. Our suggestion: make the dinner a surprise for your partner and make sure it is one of your partner’s favorite books. This is a very thoughtful gesture. Even if your cooking isn’t top-notch, you’ll be sure to get the brownie points!

Take a spontaneous date to the library.

Wander the shelves of the library with your partner. Plan a book scavenger hunt, show your partner books you loved as a child, and steal a smooch when no one is watching. The quiet and stillness of a library is mysterious, romantic, and can make a date thrilling and memorable. 

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