Reading Activities During Social Distancing

April 09, 2020

Person holding open a book with one hand outside with green grass and a tree in the background.

This COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay in our homes more than we usually do. Some people are working from home, some have temporarily lost their jobs, some are finishing their college semester from home, and some children are out of school until August (tentatively). In this time of uncertainty and chaos, we can find ourselves in a very anxious state. In addition to feeling stressed, some of us may be so bored that we feel like we’re going crazy! You can only clean out so many closets and vacuum so many rooms to pass the long days. So, in order to help pass the time while managing our stress at the same time, we have to pick up a book. We have laid out a few fun and innovative ideas for you and your family during this era of social distancing. 

Start a family book club.

This is a time in which we are so thankful for electronic books and books that are accessible online. If you don’t have enough devices in your household for each member of your family to read a book at the same time, you can order however many books you need from bookstores’ websites, major retailers’ websites, and sometimes, even Amazon. Set a timeline of how many chapters should be read each day/week. After each deadline, have an engaging conversation with the whole family about what you all have read. Talk about what it meant to you, how it could be applied to your life, how you interpreted it, what you feel could have been done better, and so on. Make these conversations an occasion for everyone to look forward to by whipping up a yummy snack and/or beverage for everyone to enjoy during the conversation.

Popcorn read as a family.

Whether it is a short or long book, popcorn reading can be a fun and engaging way to read and pass the time while also spending quality time with family. You can rotate readers every paragraph, page, or chapter - you set the tone! Plus, this is a great way to brush up on your reading, presentation, and vocal expression skills!

Make a book hat.

Have every member of the household put their favorite book on a small piece of paper and a book they have always wanted to read on another. Make sure everyone’s piece of paper is folded and put them all in a hat. Then, each person draws from the hat and whatever they draw, they must read. (If you draw your own slip of paper, you must draw again.) Once everyone finishes their book, it is time for the reveal! Everyone goes around in a circle and guesses who put the book they read in the hat. This can get funny - you might be spot on or you might be so off on who you thought put your book in the hat!

Whatever you do during social distancing, just make sure a good book is involved. Sign up for our monthly subscription service to receive 2 books within your favorite genre mailed right to your door every month. It’s only $9.99, and it will make the remainder of your quarantining months so much more bearable. Sign up today!