Print Books vs. E-Books

December 19, 2019

African American woman sitting on her couch reading a book.

Don’t get us wrong, reading of any sort is great. However, with the rise and convenience of technology, some people are turning to digital books (also known as e-books) instead of using a hard copy of a book. There are many experiences of reading a physical book that an e-book simply does not offer the reader. 

The Gift of a Book

Giving a book as a gift is very personal. Can you imagine sending an e-book via email as someone’s birthday gift? e-Books just don’t hold the same sentimental value of a print book.

Sharing a Book

Similar to the gift-giving aspect, sharing a physical book is not only more sentimental but also easier. Rather than trying to figure out how to download an e-book in a file format that your friend or family member can access, you can simply bring the book to them the next time you see them. 

Your Thoughtful Scribbles

Many readers like to write notes about their interpretation of a particular quote, star something they like, fold the pages they want to revisit, and so on. Making these marks and notes is much more difficult to do on an e-book, and it is more difficult to go back and review the notes you’ve made. 

The Impression on Your Children

If you have children, you understand how they begin to mimic you as they grow. Reading print books rather than reading on a phone or tablet sets a great example for your children, and can motivate them to read more.

Their Long Lifespan

Print books can be passed from reader to reader hundreds of times, they can sit on the shelf for years as they await the next generation of readers, and they can’t be lost in the depths of the files on your computer. 

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