National Read a Book Day

September 03, 2020

Stack of books on a table with glasses set on top.

At BookCase.Club, we are total bookworms who live for any excuse to sit around and curl up with a good book. That is why we are so excited for National Read a Book Day! This year, falling on September 6th, which is a Sunday, is so exciting for our book lovers. Books can bring new worlds to life and compelling characters into our homes. Books can challenge our beliefs and perspectives and teach us much more than we can imagine. This day is the perfect time to put away all of the technology and completely dive into that book sitting on your bedside table. 

Over 74% of Americans have read at least one book in the last 12 months. Let’s face it; we should all be reading more than one book a year! Sure the craziness of life can get in the way, which is why it is essential to devote time to reading. Like George R.R. Martin says, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...the man who never reads lives only one.” Reading various stories and entering different narratives is so rewarding and is good for your brain! 

On National Read a Book Day, we hope you… you guessed it, read a book! Read one chapter, or start and finish a brand new book; it is totally up to you. You can also volunteer with your local library and help your local community of readers. You can also recommend a book to a friend or finally try one of their recommendations. 

Reading a book is so good for our health and our minds. Studies prove that avid readers show fewer signs of stress and have higher problem-solving abilities than people who don’t read. We open ourselves to new information when we read and can walk in someone else’s shoes for a while. Many benefits come from reading and create a strong community within book clubs or a group of friends. 

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