National Book Month

October 05, 2020

A woman lays in bed while reading a book.

So many exciting things are happening in October; the leaves are changing, Halloween is upon us, school is at the halfway point, and our personal favorite, it is National Book Month. We love celebrating National Book Month all October long and we’d love nothing more than to celebrate it with you! 

How about a little history of books? In 1439, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, which was the first of its kind with a mechanical movable type. This began the ability to print anything quickly and created the Printing Revolution, where knowledge and ideas could spread around the world effectively and efficiently. The first book to ever be printed on a printing press was the Bible. In 1817, the first major publishing house, Harper Bros., was founded in New York City. Palmer Putnam and John Wiley established the house, which later made New York City the center of the publishing industry. In 1950, The National Book Foundation created the National Book awards to honor its top authors each year. Half of a century later, The National Book Foundation created the first National Book Month, in 2003.

Some famous American authors that have changed the literary world forever are Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe, John Steinbeck, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Twain is responsible for writing “The Great American Novel” with his work of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Poe is best known for writing short stories and dark poetry and is primarily viewed as the detective fiction genre's creator. Fitzgerald is widely known for being the best American author of all time throughout the decades. 

National Book Month is important because it encourages reading, learning, and recognizing the greatest writers of our time. Reading has been proven to help develop better vocabulary, improve memory, expand knowledge, and lower stress. There are a few ways you can celebrate all month long. You can start a new book that you’ve had your eye on or visit your local bookshop and support a small business. You can share a favorite book with friends and family and try a book swap. You can also sign up for our book subscription service at BookCase.Club. For just $9.99 a month, two books will be delivered to your door in your preferred genre! Happy National Book Month from our bookworm family to yours.