National Book Lovers Day - August 9th

August 03, 2021

Teen girl laying in a grass field in a wooded area reading a book

August 9th, known as National Book Lovers Day, gives literature lovers everywhere a chance to celebrate one of America’s favorite hobbies - reading. In honor of this fun holiday, we’re sharing a few ideas that can help you celebrate National Book Lovers Day. 

Head to the Library or Bookstore

Supporting your local library or bookstore is a great way to celebrate National Book Lovers Day, and it also has a positive benefit on your community. While at the library or bookstore, talk to the workers or librarians and see if you can discover new authors or a new genre that you normally wouldn’t reach for. 

Curl Up With a Good Book - All Day Long

Celebrating National Book Lovers Day doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes the best way for book lovers to spend the day is by simply enjoying the day lost in a good book. If you have the opportunity, set aside a few hours (or the entire day!) just for reading. You could dive into a new book or reread an old favorite.

Celebrate Your Favorite Author

There’s no better day than today to take some time to honor your favorite author. You could start by reading through a biography of your favorite author or by watching an interview of them talking about their writing. Some authors may also have a list of their favorite books available which may help you discover which book you should dive into next. 

Sign Up For a Book Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are really popular nowadays, offering everything from food to clothing. Signing up for a book subscription box is an excellent way to discover new books and stay excited about reading. Not to mention, you’ll have a surprise box waiting for you each month in the mail!

There are countless ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day this August 9th. Whether you plan to spend the day reading, visiting a library or bookstore, or looking into book subscription boxes, you’ll no doubt enjoy time spent celebrating this fun hobby. BookCase.Club offers reading fanatics everywhere a monthly book subscription box shipped straight to your door for only $12.99/month. If you’re interested in signing up, visit our website to learn more!