National Book Lovers Day

August 07, 2020

Books with pages folded in the center that look like hearts with a pink background.

August 9th is the biggest day of the year for us at BookCase.Club because it is the day we can finally celebrate National Book Lovers Day! Reading is our favorite activity in the world, and we genuinely understand that books are the highest form of escape. Reading can take you to any time and place and allow you to understand different cultures and customs. 

From ancient scrolls to Amazon Kindles, books have evolved continuously with humanity and seem eternal to it. One of the best parts about reading is being connected to a greater universe and understanding the world a little bit better than before. Books help us connect with strangers, feel less alone, and help us grasp our emotions and feelings about our own lives. Books let us escape our current world and find ourselves in the past, present, or even future. Reading can transform you from your couch to a country thousands of miles away in a different century or world. 

From the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 to Oprah Winfrey's Book Club Debut, incorporating books into our everyday lives has been a common goal for a very long time. For National Book Lovers Day, we encourage spending your day putting your technology away and diving into a wholesome new book. One way you can celebrate is to head to a local bookstore and buy a new book (with masks on, of course). Supporting these small businesses is a great way to celebrate your love for books. Another way to celebrate is to exchange book recommendations with friends and family. There are an infinite number of books to read globally, so recommendations come in handy from your loved ones.

If you haven't already, another great way to celebrate National Book Lovers Day is to sign up for our monthly subscription service. With BookCase.Club, you will receive two books within your favorite genre mailed right to your door every month. It's only $9.99 each month, and it will make your National Book Lovers Day the best it's ever been. Sign up today!