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May’s Featured Author: Herman Parish

May 01, 2021

Two small girls reading books at a library.

Amelia Bedelia has been a beloved book character by children and parents alike for around 50 years. Taking every instruction literally, Amelia Bedelia’s job as a housekeeper is always bound to end up going wrong in some way, like planting light bulbs in pots when told to “plant the bulbs”. After Amelia Bedelia’s original author, Peggy Parish, passed in 1988, her nephew, Herman Parish, decided to continue the legacy of Amelia Bedelia in honor of his late aunt. This month, we’ve chosen Herman Parish as our featured author so that we can share more about his role in keeping Amelia Bedelia’s stories alive.

Herman Parish wrote the first modern Amelia Bedelia book in 1993, 30 years after Peggy published the first one. While Herman graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a business degree and later took a job in advertising, he decided he wanted to continue writing the next generation of Amelia Bedelia books and ultimately left his career to do so. 

When beginning to think of new stories, Herman stated that he realized that literary elements like idioms and literalisms were what made Amelia Bedelia’s stories so enjoyable to read. Prior to writing his first book, he took note of daily expressions and idioms he heard and would jot them down on napkins and scraps of paper. In fact, Herman says that his first Amelia Bedelia book “took me a year and a night—a year of thinking and one night of writing.” Following the success of his first book, Herman added more stories to the collection, including many adventures of what Amelia Bedelia was like as a young girl, which appeals to many younger audiences. 

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