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May’s Featured Author: Graham Moore

May 24, 2022

May’s Featured Author: Graham Moore

Graham Moore is an American author, screenwriter, and director. At 40 years old with no signs of slowing down, he has already had an impressive career, working behind the scenes in more than one way. As a novelist and a screenplay writer, he has awards, including New York Times bestselling author, Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay, and the Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay.

His career started with his childhood friend, Ben Epstein. They worked together by writing one episode of the TV series 10 Things I Hate About You in 2009. In 2010, he published his first novel, The Sherlockian, which ended up on the New York Times bestseller list for three weeks. 

After that, he went back to the movie side of things. He adapted the screenplay for The Imitation Game, based on Alan Turing: The Enigma written by Andrew Hodges. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, this script set Moore apart from the competition by earning him the Black List best-unproduced scripts of 2011. This adaptation also earned him the awards mentioned earlier. These recognitions have certified Moore as a presence to be reckoned with in Hollywood. 

As he began writing again, he finished his second novel, The Last Days of Night, in 2016. Moore worked to turn this novel into a screenplay as well. 

This month, his latest novel, The Holdout, is featured in our Thriller Seeker box. It’s a gripping story set in two parts: the first takes place when Maya Seale, a young woman on a jury, convinces the rest of the jurors that the suspect is innocent, a fact she believes wholeheartedly. However, the changing decision brings trouble to all involved. Fast forward ten years later, one of the jurors is found dead in Maya’s hotel room. She is now the prime suspect and must prove her innocence and confirm that the decision she made a decade prior was the right one. 

The Holdout has been called “the most gripping and satisfying thriller I’ve read in more than a decade.” 

If you want to read Moore’s latest novel, The Holdout, sign up for our book subscription box and choose “Thrill Seeker” at checkout. You’ll receive this exhilarating novel and one other in May. After just a few pages, you’ll see why Graham Moore is on so many lists as a wonderful author. After that, check out some of his adapted screenplays mentioned above. The talent he has as a screenplay writer is evident immediately.