March’s Featured Author: Stephen King

March 01, 2021

Portrait of author Stephen King outside against a concrete wall.

This month, we’ve chosen award-winning author, Stephen King, who is known for his suspense, horror, and science fiction novels as our featured author of the month. Born in Portland, Maine in 1947, King got his start in the business by writing for his college newspaper each week. After graduating from the University of Maine with a degree in English, he taught English classes while writing short stories on the weekend. 

In 1967, King sold his first short story, titled "The Glass Floor", to a men’s magazine. His first official novel, Carrie, was accepted by his publisher in 1973 and allowed him to leave his teaching job to write full time. King and his family moved to Boulder, Colorado for less than a year which is where he wrote one of his most well-known books, The Shining.  

When asked why he became a writer, King responded “I was made to write stories and I love to write stories. That's why I do it.” According to him, he couldn’t imagine doing anything else. King has also stated that he gets his writing ideas from asking the question “What if?” He believes that looking at the interaction of two different things from a new perspective is a great source of fresh writing ideas. 

Stephen King and his wife Tabitha, who is also a novelist, now reside in Florida. Both are firm believers in education and routinely provide scholarships to high school students. They’re also known for contributing to a variety of other local and national charities as well as to many libraries. To learn more about Stephen King and his latest work, check out his website. 

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