March’s Featured Author: Lucy Rowland

March 15, 2022

March’s Featured Author: Lucy Rowland

Lucy Rowland is a children’s book author and a Children’s Speech and Language Therapist. She’s always loved words and language and has found a way to incorporate them into her daily life. She began writing children’s picture books in 2013 and has published dozens of books since then. 

Rowland has always loved poetry, whether that be Dr. Seuss, Tennyson, or A.A. Milne, and her passion is seen in her rhyming stories. She partners with wonderful artists who help bring her words to life and empower her pieces even more. Seeing her words brought to life through adorable and descriptive illustrations is her favorite part of being a children’s book writer. 

Rowland finds her inspiration in many places; a few of her favorites include cold walks on sunny days, low tide walks in the sun, and rhythmic exercises. Once inspired, she writes about ways to celebrate communication, words, and language while instilling helpful lessons and good behavior into children. Through sweet stories and beautiful words, Rowland helps to inspire the next generation and gives parents the support they need to help their children learn to read. 

Her book Catch That Egg! is about friendship and acceptance, and it’s featured in this month’s book box for boys aged two to four. This lovely book has five-star ratings across the board, and one reviewer said that it is “a permanent addition to our family library!” When parents and children love reading the same book over and over, you know you’ve written a good piece. That’s how Rowland feels when she sees parents' comments across the world enjoying her stories. 

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