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Keep Your Children Reading Over the Holiday Break

December 21, 2020

Parents and their two children laying on the floor reading books and smiling.

With your children out of school for the holiday break, it’s important not to let their academic skills decline. Reading is a great way to keep your child’s mind sharp and can help fight boredom, too. Whether it’s reading together, taking a trip to the library, or ordering some new books, take the time to motivate your child to read during the break. 

Encouraging children to read over the holiday season helps keep them engaged and can even contribute to their academic success and confidence. Developing reading habits outside of school is key to ensuring that children develop into strong readers and writers. Doing so will also help your child learn positive literacy skills that will follow them throughout their life!

While the holidays should also be a time for a well-deserved break for kids, there are countless fun ways to keep your child involved in reading. For younger children, sit down and read their favorite books with them or have them help in the kitchen by letting them read through a recipe. Encourage older children to read by helping them pick out some new favorite books. Or, try ordering a book subscription box so that your kids have new books to look forward to opening each month!

With the BookCase.Club subscription service, we’ll ship 2 to 3 surprise books right to your door each month. From younger children to preteens, we’ve handpicked 3 books ranging from picture books to chapter books for them to receive each month. Older teens and adults can expect 2 exciting novels based on the genre of their choice. Monthly book boxes are fun for kids or teens of any age to receive and will keep them eager to discover new books every month. 

For only $9.99/month, BookCase.Club’s book subscription service is the perfect way to keep your child reading over the holiday break. For preteens or younger kids, visit our BookCase Kids page to get started. For teens and adults, head to our Join page to explore our different genre options. Now’s the perfect time to join with one of our two promotions running through the end of the year! Use code SAVEMORE for 25% off on multiple month orders or code HOLLYJOLLY2020 for 20% off 1-month orders. Happy reading!