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How to Keep Your Kids Interested In Reading with Online School

August 13, 2020

Woman helping her son with school homework at a table with books and a laptop.

With Coronavirus still rampant in America, many states and schools are going online for this upcoming school year. Parents will have to find creative ways to keep their kids motivated during this wild time. One of the most important things for young children, as we know, is reading. Reading is key to brain development, and with online school, it is essential to make sure our young students are getting all of the knowledge they need to be successful in the future. We have gathered a few ways to keep your kids interested in reading if they are in an online school. 

Let Kids Choose Their Books

At a young age, our kids are still learning and discovering what they like and don’t like. This is important when it comes to choosing books because we want our kids to enjoy reading. If children are forced to learn something they have no interest in or do not like, they will most likely not enjoy reading overall. If your kids get to choose what book they want to read, they will be more motivated to start and finish the book. Just make sure that they are reading age-appropriate books, and all should be well!

Dedicate a Time and Place to Reading

Create a space where your kid can sit down and focus on the book they are reading. Leaving them to read in their bed at night might make them fall asleep. Setting up an area in your office can be motivating because kids love feeling like they have grown-up responsibilities. Have you ever heard of the game house? Make it a ritual for your child to read while you work from home!

Encourage Books with Series

Creating a good relationship with reading is the key to keeping kids engaged. Encouraging a series of books is great because they create anticipation and identification with recurring characters. It is easy to keep your kids invested in reading when they love the stories being told. Harry Potter is an excellent series for your older children, and Nancy Drew is excellent for young girls!

Last but not least, signing your child up for the BookCase.Club children’s subscription is a great place to begin to keep your kids interested in reading when they aren’t in school. We offer subscriptions for all ages, and you can even select your child’s gender when signing up! The element of surprise of monthly shipments containing three books is sure to encourage reading. Visit our website for more information on how to sign up!