How to Keep Kids Reading as They Return to School

August 10, 2021

Small girl wearing a bow reading a book at the dining room table

Reading has been proven time and time again to provide countless benefits for kids, including better school performance, more empathy, and increased creativity. While kids generally have a lot more time over the summer to get into reading, it can be hard to keep those habits up as they return to their busy school schedules. For those with children heading back to school this August, it’s important to encourage your kids to continue reading. Take a look at a few ways to keep them motivated to read, all school year long.

Establish Set Reading Times

It’s no secret that the school year is a busy time for both kids and parents. Sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities all take away time that your child may have had available for reading during the summer. Try working with your child to create a set time for reading that works for both of you, while also ensuring that your child is still enjoying it. Encourage your kid to put any screens away and pick up a book instead before heading to bed on school nights. This gives your child a chance to relax before going to sleep and builds healthy reading habits that they’ll likely carry with them throughout their life. 

Reward Your Children for Reading

Make sure your child knows you’re proud of them for reading. It will not only reinforce their reading habits, but it will also make them feel good about themselves. Physical rewards can be helpful in developing these good reading habits. For every book read or hour spent reading, you could agree to fun rewards like a new book, going out for ice cream, or seeing a movie. 

Make Reading Easy and Fun

Kids aren’t going to want to read unless the books are fun and enjoyable. Be sure to provide your child with books from genres they’ll love. You could try taking a trip to the library and letting your child explore new books and check out any that interest them. Another great option that makes reading easy is a book subscription box. Each month, your child will be thrilled to receive a package with new books in the mail, keeping them excited about reading.  

Back-to-school month is an exciting and busy time, but it’s important not to let any of your child’s summer reading habits go to waste. Work with your child to create set reading times, reward them for reading, and help provide them with enjoyable books. For especially busy parents and kids, a book subscription box may be the best option. With BookCase.Club, your child can receive three new books each month shipped right to your door starting at only $12.99/month. Simply visit our website to sign up and get started. There’s no better way to save time and money while keeping good reading habits alive as your kids return to school!