How to Celebrate National Hobby Month

January 08, 2020

Smiling woman wearing a green jacket outside reading a book.

January is all about actually achieving those New Year’s Resolutions and becoming the person you want to be. With this, January has turned into National Hobby Month. Let’s embrace the hobbies that help us become those better people. While there are thousands of deserving hobbies that should be celebrated this January, here at BookCase.Club, we are celebrating the undying art of reading. This month is meant to celebrate all of the hobbies you have. If reading is not one of them yet, hopefully, we can add it to your list. Let’s check out 5 reasons we think reading is awesome and see how soon it can make it to the top of your list.

Reading expands your imagination and creativity

When you sit down with a good book, you are diving into a completely different story than your own. The more you read, the more you focus on that “alternate universe”, which enables your mind to be more creative and imaginative in the real world. 

Reading boosts your vocabulary

No matter your age, you always have the opportunity to learn and expand your vocabulary. Reading books of all genres can introduce words and phrases that you may have never heard before. Many times, you can actually figure out the meaning of the new word or phrase based on context clues. However, Google is right at your fingertips if you need to look up the definition. Never stop learning!

Reading enhances your writing skills

Written communication skills are essential in the majority of jobs today. Reading any genre can enhance your sentence structure variety, your vocabulary, and your grammar. This is because you are actually reading the words describing interactions and occurrences rather than hearing people speak and watching people interact. 

Reading can inspire you

Reading a book can inspire you to try something you never thought you would want to do. It can also help you to become more adventurous and daring. Books can also be spiritually and emotionally inspirational.

Reading helps you meet people

You can meet strangers by using a book as a conversation starter. Whether you see them reading a book you are interested in or you want to share your thoughts about a book you just finished, consider the conversation initiated! Book clubs are also a great way to meet people and develop a community on the basis of a shared love for reading. 

If you still aren’t convinced, visit our website to see how you can subscribe to a genre that looks interesting to you - then maybe you’ll be sold! Happy National Hobby Month from all the bookworms at BookCase.Club.