How Reading Can Help Boost Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

May 18, 2021

Teen girl reading a book up against a light blue wall.

Being a teen brings many challenges when it comes to confidence and ideas of self-worth and self-image. Most middle school and high school students will struggle with self-esteem at some point, which can make it hard to feel like the best version of themself. Every May, we take efforts to combat feelings of low self-confidence during National Teen Self-Esteem Month. There are many easy activities, or simple ways, to boost your teen’s confidence. One proven way to increase positive feelings of self-esteem is through reading! Let’s explore a few of the reasons why building a habit of reading can be a great thing for any teen’s self-esteem.

Feeling Smarter and More Knowledgeable

A 2014 study found that reading as a child or young adult has been positively linked with intelligence. By being exposed to many new words at a young age, children and teens score higher on general intelligence tests. Reading has also been shown to improve memory function and increase brain power. Feeling more confident in your knowledge and intellectual abilities is a great way for teens to boost their self-esteem. This is also a great way for them to improve their academic performance in school, which in turn helps to promote a positive self-image.  Encourage your teen to find time to dedicate to reading so that they can feel smarter and more confident in school. 

Connect with Others

One of the many great things about reading is the ability it has to bring people together. Bonding over a favorite book or author is an easy way to meet new people and create friendships. If your teen or a teen you know is struggling to build connections or make friends, encourage them to join a book club! Book clubs promote a strong sense of community and can often lead to lasting bonds. There are so many different book clubs available, that no matter what genre of book your teen is into, they can be sure to find a book club they’ll enjoy. Best of all, virtual book clubs (like ours!) are becoming more popular and make it easier to interact with others online. Creating friendships and building connections with others can increase a teen’s feelings of self-worth.

While it can be tough to have strong self-esteem as a teen, there are ways to boost confidence and self-worth. Reading is a fun, easy way to do so and can allow teens to feel smarter and make connections with others. If you think your teen or a teen you know would benefit from more reading and  increased self-esteem, why not encourage their reading journey? Ordering a book subscription box is a great way to keep teens excited and looking forward to their next book. At BookCase.Club, we send two books of your genre choice right to your front door, starting at $12.99/month. To get started, head to the join page on our website or select give a gift to send the joy of reading to a teen you know!