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How Libraries Benefit Benefit Their Community

June 08, 2022

How Libraries Benefit Benefit Their Community

Libraries are fabulous institutions that have seemed to fade in popularity. They are, however, great staples in their communities and provide opportunities for those who need them. In addition, libraries benefit their communities in many ways. So let’s take a look. 

Promote literacy.

Libraries are free to use (as long as you follow the rules and return your books on time) and are available to anyone in their communities. They encourage reading for people of all ages, and about 40% of libraries across the country provide literacy programs for children and adults. Many libraries also provide digital literacy programs, teaching young children and the elderly how to use the internet and different online programs properly. 

Support culture and creativity.

Since you don’t pay for the books, why not read a new author or genre you wouldn’t usually choose? Getting out of your comfort zone can open your mind to new possibilities, worlds, and ideas. They also allow people with different backgrounds to connect to their heritage and find solace and support while living somewhere new.

Create a safe space.

Libraries are safe spaces for children and adults alike. In the summer or after school, kids can walk to the library, spend time walking around choosing a new book or two, and even become friends with the librarians. Having someone looking out for your children's best interests while at work creates peace of mind for everyone involved. 

Create healthy communities.

Many libraries hold different programs, including book signings, readings by local authors, book launches, poetry slams, kids' classes, and art classes. They encourage all community members to join as one and indulge in something happy and cheerful. These programs support the well-being of community members and encourage them to lead positive lives and give back to the community. 

Help the less fortunate.

As mentioned, libraries are free to use as long as you follow their rules. This allows people who don’t have disposable income to continue learning, advancing, and growing. Kids on lunch programs at school don’t have to limit themselves or their extracurricular activities - they can head to a library to pick up the new book their friends are reading without spending money on it or feeling bad about themselves. Reading is a beautiful hobby for people of all ages, and libraries allow everyone to participate. 

Libraries are the soul of many communities, and they provide countless opportunities and benefits to society. If you don’t have a library card, we encourage you to get one. Read a new genre, head to a book signing, and volunteer to read to children. These small steps can help you live a healthier and more productive life while helping out those who need it in your community. If you ask us, it doesn’t get better than that.