February’s Featured Author: Kayla Olson

February 22, 2022

Kayla Olson’s story started like many of ours - she worked at Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, and as a bank teller. She was always polite to her customers and great at her job, regardless of what she was doing at the time. She liked working with people, and she knew that how she treated others could affect the rest of their day. She liked that, but she felt that something was missing. She enjoyed being creative and hadn’t focused on that in some time. She loved puzzles and the challenge they presented. She dreamed about far-off places, different worlds, and personalities. 

That’s when it hit her. Writing a novel would get her creative juices flowing; she’d essentially be working on a puzzle - making sure all pieces fit together to form the final masterpiece - and she’d get to imagine and create different worlds and characters. All she needed to get started was time to write and the determination to finish. She knew she had the determination; all she needed was to find a bit of time. It felt right when she sat down to write, and she never looked back. 

The funny thing is, Olson never thought of herself as a writer. Instead, she was a performer and a musician. She always wanted to be on Broadway until she realized her lack of dance skills probably wouldn’t land her any leading roles. Fast forward years later, and she turned her love of the arts into one of writing excellent novels enjoyed by teenagers and young adults across the country. 

Olson now lives in Texas and is a full-time writer. She loves black coffee and creating new worlds for escapism. Her first novel, The Sandcastle Empire, is found in this month’s Young Adult subscription box. While the YA fantasy genre of The Sandcastle Empire is primarily written for teenagers and young adults, many adults have found its mysterious charm delightful. This novel is about Eden, a young woman whose life changes forever after the revolution. She must escape her captors to stay alive. However, when she is successful, she learns that the outside world is even scarier than the captivity she was living in before. Can she survive the trials and tribulations to finally gain her freedom? 

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