February’s Featured Author: Danielle Steel

February 01, 2021

Portrait of author Danielle Steel sitting on a mauve velvet couch.

With over 800-million book copies sold, Danielle Steel currently holds the title of bestselling author alive. Her romance novels traditionally focus on ordinary or well-off characters who find themselves thrown into adventures of all kinds. With Valentine’s Day coming up this month, we’ve chosen to explore romance novelist Danielle Steel’s life and writing for our featured author of the month!

Steel has written 185 novels, and, according to her, has no plans of stopping soon. She fell in love with writing at a young age and was soon hooked for life. Growing up, Steel recalled being a shy child who was constantly observing the world around her. Her observations and empathy towards others are what have allowed her to create extremely relatable characters in her novels. In additional to strong themes of romance, Steel has also been known to include darker elements such as illness, death, suicide, and divorce. 

Steel is no stranger to long work days, stating that she averages around 20 hours per day writing  on her typewriter. Every book she has written has been on one of her classic typewriters in her offices all over the world. She splits her time between her Paris, San Francisco, and New York offices. 

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