Featured Author of the Month: Naomi Novik

June 01, 2021

Woman with braided hair and a white tank top reading a book and drinking coffee outside

Naomi Novik was born in Long Island, New York in 1973. An avid reader from a young age, Novik was particularly fond of fiction and fantasy works including The Lord of the Rings. Her love for reading inspired her to pursue a degree in English Literature at Brown University, followed by a master’s degree in computer science from Columbia University. After assisting in the design and development of a computer game, Novik realized that she would rather spend her time writing, which would later prove to be one of her best career moves.

Novik published her first fantasy novel, His Majesty's Dragon, in 2006 which was the first novel in a series of nine about alternate histories. This novel was well-received and went on to receive the 2007 Compton Crook Award in the science fiction and fantasy category. The majority of Novik’s books center around speculative fiction, often including elements of the supernatural and fantasy in addition to history or some level of reality.

Following the success of her first series, Novik would later release Spinning Silver which became one of her most successful and awarded books. While the book was originally a short story, Novik decided to expand the work into a full-length novel after seeing the praise it initially received. The story follows three young women living in an imaginary kingdom in medieval eastern Europe. Spinning Silver has several nominations and has won three prestigious awards to date, including the 2019 American Library Association's Alex Award.

After becoming a distinguished writer, Novik helped found the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), which is a nonprofit that encourages fan engagement and artwork, as well as makes fan-produced media items widely accessible. She currently lives with her husband, Charles Ardai, also a writer, in Manhattan with their one child. 

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