Booking for Love Category: Our Romance Subscription Box

September 20, 2021

Booking for Love Category: Our Romance Subscription Box

Want to escape to a faraway land, enjoy a love story that will leave you breathless, or uncover a mystery with chilling romance and secret love affairs? You’re in luck! Our Booking for Love box will help you do just that. The novels chosen by our expert curators will leave your heart happy and full. 

Romance novels have been a fan favorite for decades and they are often characterized by love without boundaries, romance in difficult situations, and so much more. Let’s go through some of our most popular romance novels from the past year and you’ll see why our Booking for Love genre was made for you!

Our June romance novels, Sheer Mischief and This Could Change Everything, written by Jill Mansell, were a great way to kick off the summer of modern love. In Sheer Mischief, Janey is trying to rebuild her life after her husband’s disappearance, but her sister’s mischievous ways make that more difficult than she could have imagined. Mansell’s next novel, This Could Change Everything, is a contemporary romance novel about a woman named Essie and a letter that was supposed to be read by her best friend, not everyone in her address book. When that letter reaches the internet, her life takes a dramatic turn.

Our April box held a modern rendition of a beloved fairytale. The Beast’s Heart by Leife Shallcross follows the story of Beauty and the Beast from the perspective of The Beast. This classic fairytale is brought to life again with a twist on the classic tale as old as time. Be our guest and take some time to enjoy this romantic fairytale. 

Fans of best-selling author, Nicholas Sparks, know a romance novel when they see it. The Lucky One, a beautiful story about luck and love, was featured in our Booking for Love box. Zac Efron went on to star in the film version of this beautifully tragic story. 

From best-selling authors to beautiful examples of love that you might not have heard of, our Booking for Love box is full of lovely stories that pull on your heartstrings every single month. We hope these past titles give you a better understanding of what to expect each month. If these are up your alley, sign up for our Booking for Love subscription box today. We’ll send you two romance novels each month and you can sit back and enjoy the love.