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Book Boxes: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

December 17, 2021

BookCase.Club gift book boxes

Don’t know what to get your family and friends this Christmas? We have an idea that they will love for months and months to come: a book subscription box! This easy-for-you gift offers readers and recipients the option to get new books every month for as long as you choose.

What do you do?

This is one of the easiest gifts to give because we do all the work! If you’re purchasing for a child or pre-teen, you’ll choose their age and gender, and we’ll select three books to send them each month. If you’re purchasing for a young adult or adult, you’ll choose the genre you think they’d like most: romance, thrill-seeker, surprise-me fiction, strange worlds, or young adult, and we’ll send them two books each month. After that, you’ll select the duration you’d like for them to receive new books; you can choose to gift them just one box for one month, or you can choose an option as high as two books each month for a year. Keep in mind that the longer your subscription, the cheaper each month. 

Can they change boxes if they don’t like the genre?

Yes! Each month, your recipient has the option to stick with the same genre or switch to something else. Don’t know if they’d prefer romance novels or thrilling mysteries? No worries! Select one to start, and they have the option to switch it out a month or two down the road if they choose.

Do I reorder every year?

When someone orders a box for themselves, the duration will renew monthly, yearly, etc., of their choosing. When gifting a box, we do not auto-renew the order. But don’t worry! You can still order a book box each year around Christmastime for the same effect. 

What are the benefits of a book box? 

The benefits of receiving books to your doorstep each month are almost limitless, but we’ll list out our favorite. The biggest benefit is that you (or whoever you gift) will never run out of new reading material! With two books delivered in each young adult and adult box each month (and three for kids!), you’ll always have your next book lined up. On top of that is the ease factor. These books are delivered right to your door every month; you don’t have to constantly run out to the store or library or remember to order new books online; we do it all for you! 

You’ll also have more motivation to read because you’ll have new pieces waiting for you. No more excuses; it’s time to make reading part of your daily routine! On top of that, you have the opportunity to connect with new people through our online BookClub. You can share your thoughts, opinions, and more with others! 

At BookCase.Club, we know the benefits of reading, and we know the ease of a book subscription. It also brings a fun surprise waiting for you each month! It doesn’t get better than that. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member this holiday season, look no further than our Give a Gift option. You’ll choose what fits your recipient, and we’ll do the rest. Happy gifting and happy holidays!