Benefits of Receiving a Monthly Book Subscription

June 17, 2021

Woman sitting cross-legged and reading a book on a living room chair with a plant next to her

It can be easy to struggle to find new books and it's a little overwhelming to sort through bestselling titles and authors in order to find your next favorite. Book subscription boxes make it easy for you to rekindle your love of reading and books, or for you to get started with this productive hobby. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you should sign up for a book subscription service, we’re sharing a few reasons that may help you realize the many benefits of receiving a monthly book box.

You’ll Always Have New Books to Read

When you receive a monthly book subscription box, you’ll never run out of new material to read. Having books sent right to your doorstep makes it much easier to dive in and start reading as opposed to having to constantly find new materials to read. In fact, this is also a great way to set reading goals for yourself! Try to challenge yourself to finish one or two books per month so that you can look forward to the next month’s subscription box and improve your reading skills. 

You Can Discover New Favorites and Authors

It’s always exciting to find a new favorite book or author, but this is never an easy task. By subscribing to a monthly book box, you can sit back and let the book experts do the work of finding you your new favorites! Team members who curate the book boxes don’t only include popular titles and authors, but they also add in lesser-known books that are oftentimes underappreciated. Who knows, you may just find your new favorite book through a subscription box!

You Get to Keep the Books

While there’s no denying that libraries are great for encouraging reading and allowing readers to borrow books, oftentimes, being able to own a book is much more meaningful. When you sign up for a monthly book subscription through BookCase.Club, you get to keep every book you’re sent, which will help you on your way to building your own personal library. 

Book Subscription Boxes Save Money

Books aren’t cheap, but when it comes to a monthly subscription box, the longer you subscribe, the more you save! With BookCase.Club, paying month to month costs $12.99, but subscribing for 12 months at a time brings the price down to only $9.99 per month! You’ll rarely find a better price for some of the bestselling books out there.

Signing up for a monthly book subscription with BookCase.Club is easy and comes with many benefits. To get started or learn more about our service, visit our website and sign up today!