Barb Rosenstock: March’s Featured Author

March 04, 2020

Portrait of author Barb Rosenstock against a white backdrop.

Barb Rosenstock is a distinguished children’s book author who approaches children’s literature in a very unique way. Rosenstock was born in Chicago, Illinois where she developed her love for reading and history. Her family was, and still is, a huge influence on her life and her writing. Some of her favorite things to do are going to libraries, walking and playing with her standard poodle, singing, dancing, reading, and visiting museums. She has a deep love for animals, as she has raised orphaned wild animals - even a skunk! Rosenstock also has a deep love for history, and children’s picture books are where she is able to express this passion while entertaining and educating young children each and every day.

Among other distinguished honors, some of Rosenstock’s works have received a Caldecott Honor, Sydney Taylor Honor, South Asia Book Award, and several Orbis Pictus Honors. Rosenstock tends to use a variety of different illustrators for her children’s books. Therefore, not all of her books look similar in regards to illustration. Many she has chosen, though, are distinguished, talented, and award-winning illustrators across the realm of children’s books. 

Barb Rosenstock’s works are all based on either a significant person, event, or place in history. When deciding what she wants to write about next, she doesn't draw a name out of a hat by any means. Rosenstock explained that she first reminisces on childhood experiences to gather ideas for her next book. Once she has a memory in mind, she finds a historic person, event, or place that relates back to one of her fondest memories. We think this is such a unique and interesting way to teach children about history through books. 

In addition to her love for writing children’s books, Rosenstock also has a passion for educating aspiring children’s book authors. According to the author’s website, “Barb has taught picture book writing and nonfiction topics at the Highlights Foundation and for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).” She has also visited hundreds of elementary and middle schools to read and talk with students all across the country. 

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