August’s Featured Author: Josh Malerman

August 18, 2021

Photo of Josh Malerman's,

American novelist, short story writer, and singer/songwriter, Josh Malerman, has gained popularity for his post-apocalyptic book, Bird Box: A Novel, which was the inspiration for Netflix’s horror thriller film, Bird Box, released in 2018. This month, we have chosen Josh Malerman as BookCase.Club’s featured author!


Malerman began his career as a musician in the rock band, The High Strung, and toured the county for over six years. During his time on tour, Malerman would write many rough drafts for novels, but never had a solidified plan on what to do with all of the writings he created. The pile of drafts began to grow, but Malerman didn’t know what he wanted to do with them; it was more than a simple hobby, but he had no idea how his stories would be published.


Malerman’s high school friend, Dave Simmer, contacted him about his writings. After working with authors in Hollywood for the past few years, Simmer knew some people who worked in the book business and asked Malerman for permission to send a sample of his work. Malerman agreed, and Goblin, a group of novellas, was sent. Malerman began talking with agents and editors, and his book, Bird Box: A Novel, was published in 2014, with many other novels and short stories following.


The popular post-apocalyptic book was a significant success. In a world where something terrifying cannot be seen without driving people to deadly violence, one woman and her two children have survived, and now they must journey 20 miles in a rowboat down a river to a place where they might be safe. Bird Box: A Novel was nominated for the Stoker Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and the James Herbert Award. Malerman’s Goblin: A Novel in Six Novellas, a book about a chilling small town full of sinister secrets, and Black Mad Wheel: A Novel, where the government hires a washed-up rock band to find a mysterious and ominous sound emitting from the Namib Desert, have also been nominated for the Stoker Award.


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