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Are You Booking for Love This Valentine’s Day?

February 08, 2022

Valentine's Day romantic book selection and display.

February is all about love, and our BookCases are no exception! There is something heartwarming about love stories and happy endings, regardless of the twists and turns the story takes along the way. While dealing with real-life issues, drama, and mystery, these novels show the true meaning of love and prove that everyone deserves a happy ending. 

The first book featured in our Booking for Love box is Universe of Two by Stephen Kiernan. Universe of Two is about Charlie Fish, based on real-life mathematician Charles Fisk, and the challenges he and his wife face after he has a large hand in creating the atomic bomb. After the bombs struck Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Fish’s lives changed dramatically. As they attempt to build a new life and atone for their part in it all, their love proves powerful as their lives and the world change forever. 

With a 4.6 star rating, Universe of Two has been described as “The most tender, terrifying, relevant book you’ll read this year.” by Jenna Blum, a New York Times bestselling author. 

The second book, Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner, details the life of Emma Mapson, whose life takes a turn when Henry Wyatt, a famous artist in her town, suddenly dies. As Emma tries to put puzzle pieces together and help Wyatt’s rightful heir receive their inheritance, she discovers something that changes her life. She learns what love, fate, and family mean and the role that the late Henry Wyatt plays in it all. 

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