7 Reasons Reading is Essential for Children

November 11, 2019

A father reading a book to his two children on a couch.

At BookCase.Club, we know the fun and importance of reading, so we offer all kinds of categories and plans containing children’s books. When we say “children’s books,” we don’t mean just baby books. You can choose between 9 different age and gender groups, all the way from newborns to pre-teens, to perfectly suit your child’s reading ability and interests! Plans that include three books per month are just $9.99 + shipping, or you can prepay several months ahead for a discounted price. While there are countless reasons, we’ve listed several why reading is crucial for children’s growth and development.

  1. Reading develops and improves communication skills because children are able to observe the interactions and conversations between characters in the stories. 
  2. Reading can reduce stress because books offer an escape from the real world in which children can travel using their own imagination. 
  3. Reading increases children’s vocabulary and reasoning. If a child comes across a word he or she is not familiar with, the child will typically use context clues to determine its meaning.
  4. Reading helps build children’s self-confidence and independence. When realizing that they can read on their own without the help of a parent, children are more motivated and eager to continue reading.
  5. Reading enhances children’s safety because a child who is able to read fluently can make sense of warning labels and danger signs.
  6. Reading improves their writing and grammar skills. Books are written with proper spelling and grammar, so each book they read is more practice on what is right.
  7. Reading enhances their imagination because, especially in chapter books with no illustrations, they must create and visualize the characters’ world in their minds.

Not only is it fun for your kids to receive mystery books each month, we also like that it makes it easier for you - the parent; we do the shopping so that you don’t have to. Give your child something to look forward to every month that helps them grow and learn - it’s a win-win! Visit the BookCase.Club Kids page on our website to receive your first shipment in just one week!