6 Incredible Reading Spots

December 13, 2019

Lady reading a book outside near a lake.

The physical location in which you read can have a very significant impact on your enjoyment, the actual reading and interpretation process, and your overall reaction to the book. We know that our home lives can be noisy at times - well a lot of the time. Therefore, it can be challenging to find the time or place to sit down with a book and a cup of coffee. Check out these 8 amazing reading locations that you maybe haven’t thought of!

The Park

There is nothing like reading a good book on a park bench when the weather is nice. A park can be just the right amount of noise to stimulate your brain, offering you the utmost concentration for your book. Bring a friend and a cup of coffee, and make a day out of it!

The Train or Bus

Depending on your city, you may take the subway, bus, or train on your daily commute. This is a great opportunity to do some meaningful reading. Put some earbuds in to distract from the chaotic sounds of traffic and announcements, and dive right back into where you left off. 

The Coffee Shop

Order your favorite latte, and then make yourself comfortable at a table or on a couch in your favorite local coffee shop. The sound of people buzzing in and out for their daily dose of caffeine could help you concentrate more, but if it distracts you, use noise-canceling headphones and play some calm instrumental music to enhance your focus. 

The Bar

Next time you go for a nice drink at a local bar, consider bringing along your favorite book. Of course, we mean the quieter and classier bars - don’t try to read a book in a dance club!

The Airplane

Plane rides don’t have to be terribly boring and dreaded. Reading will make the time go by faster and will make your plane ride much more pleasant. Bring along a book or a few depending on the length of your flight. Don’t forget a book for the flight back home as well!

The Library

Your local public library not only offers you a nice and quiet place to read, but it also offers you hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of other options to read when you are finished with your book. If you don’t already have one, get a library card so that you can check out books to take them to all these cool places!

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