4 Reasons Libraries Are So Important

March 23, 2020

Large bookcase filled with books in a library with a study table covered in learning materials.

In the midst of this digital revolution, libraries have been neglectfully put on the back burner. Some children today may not realize the value of a library because they assume it's just a dusty building filled with old books. Little do they know, libraries offer free educational resources to anyone who seeks it. Libraries are often a community’s center point, and libraries are an inclusive and accepting sanctuary. 

1. Libraries offer education to everyone.

Not only do libraries offer education through the books on the shelves, but they also offer computers with internet access and a personal helper - all for free. This personal helper is the librarian. Librarians are very educated and want only the best for everyone who walks through the library’s doors. Librarians can give assistance to people who need help with applying to a job, filling out paperwork of all sorts, using the internet and other programs, and simply choosing your next good book. 

2. Libraries boost the economy.

Even though libraries are free of charge to the public, they still play a major role in bettering the economy. Since libraries offer free internet access, this allows for so many people who don’t have access to the internet at home to be able to search and apply for jobs online. Also, libraries provide office space for people who have “work from home” jobs but don’t have the proper resources to work from their living room.

3. Libraries better the physical health of community residents.

Residents of a community that has a public library have been statistically shown to be healthier people. A lot goes into living a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes the small things are the ones that go the longest way. Reading from sources to understand simple hygiene practices and using the internet to stay aware of what is happening in the news can significantly benefit someone’s health. Also, many libraries actually host medical providers throughout the year who provide free medical screenings to people who cannot afford a generic annual checkup. 

4. Libraries are a history hub.

There are texts that are more than a century old in libraries. Essentially, some texts that are in libraries now could end up in museums in the near future. Also, since documents within a library are unchanged from the time they were written, there is a lot of historical truth that can be found by browsing the shelves of a library.

One day, leave your phones at home and take the family to the local library to explore what all it has to offer. Talk to your librarian to get some insight into all of the community projects that the library takes part in. Want to start your personal library? We can help! When you sign up for our subscription service, you will receive 2 books per month for only $9.99. Plus, you can pick your favorite genre! Sign up today at BookCase.Club.